3 meaningful ways to use your holiday bonus

The holidays are here! That means quality family time, sumptuous dinners, and an endless stream of cheesy Hallmark movies.

And if your boss decided to play Santa this year, it might mean a holiday bonus for you.

That bonus is likely to be pretty hefty too. The average holiday bonus in 2017 was close to $1,800, according to a survey by staffing and recruitment firm, Accounting Principals, and it’s expected to grow with each year.

When you get your bonus, you’ll find yourself faced with a great question: How should you use your Christmas bonus?

We’re all about the Rich Life here at I Will Teach You to Be Rich. That means using your money to build the kind of life you want to live. To do that, you should use your holiday bonus three ways:

  • Spend it
  • Save it
  • Invest it

Let’s take a look at each area now and break down how you can optimize your holiday bonus.

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