3 things I hope you take away from my new book, Hyperfocus

In exactly one week, my next book, Hyperfocus lands in bookstores everywhere in the U.S., U.K., and Canada! In celebration of that news, I wanted to share with you three big takeaways I’ll expand on over the book’s 200-some pages.

In case you missed it: Hyperfocus is a practical guide for managing your attention—the most powerful resource you have to become more creative, get stuff done, and live a meaningful life. If you’re like me, your attention has never been so overwhelmed. Many of us recognize that our brains struggle to multitask. Despite this, we feel compelled to multitask anyway while we fill each moment of our lives to the brim with mindless distraction. Hyperfocus is an antidote to living in this world of distraction and constant stimulation. This book gives you an arsenal of tools so you can reclaim your attention from the world around you.

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