5 ways to avoid overdraft fees

Overdraft fees are total BS.

When consumers overdraft their accounts, it’s by an average of $24 — but then they often get hit with an average of $34 in fees.

In 2016, Americans paid $15 billion in overdraft fees. That’s more than 80 million Hamilton tickets, or three billion Big Macs (that’s a dozen Big Macs for every American).  

Rather than just sit around and complain about overdraft fees, though, I want to show you how to beat the banks at their own game.

In fact, you can actually negotiate your fees away with a simple script.

But first, let’s take a look at what overdraft fees are exactly, as well as what a few banks are going to charge you.

What is a bank overdraft fee?

Overdraft fees occur when you take more money out of your checking account than is currently in there. When this happens, your bank will charge you a fee to facilitate the transaction.

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