Aspergers or ADHD? The answer will surprise you.

Recently a flurry of articles about academic overachievers appeared in scientific journals. Specifically, the research found that people with a diagnosis of Autism were more frequently high achievers in school. And people diagnosed with ADHD were more frequently low achievers in school.

A paper published last week in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders explains the reason for the gap in achievement between kids with ADHD and kids with Aspergers: overachievement in written communication was common among kids with Aspergers and kids with ADHD. But kids with Aspergers were overachievers in reading comprehension and math, whereas kids with ADHD were underachievers in those areas.

This gave me a moment of glee because I’m a sorter (sorting and hoarding both symptoms of Aspergers and ADHD) and I have been sorting Asperger’s research nearly a decade.

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