Do You Prefer to Stay Late at the Office — or Work From Home?

Here’s an interesting little question for you: When do you stay late at work, and when do you choose to leave and work from home instead? How much of it is driven by office culture, by the kind of work in front of you (e.g., voluminous docs), or by a specific situation at work or at home (pet needs to get walked, kids won’t leave you in peace to work), and how much of it is just preference?

I’ve always preferred to stay late at work when possible, and I’ve written over at CorporetteMoms about how even now I struggle with the fact that family dinnertime bumps up against my naturally productive time and how I find it difficult to work after the kids go to bed. Even in my magazine journalism days, I was often the last one at work; the only reason I got paid at all at my first magazine internship in NYC was because I was working late and the publisher happened to notice I was still there.

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