Don’t be broke: 5 wealth mindsets for a Rich Life

If you’re broke, things that people consider minor purchases can be a massive undertaking for you:

  • Going out for meals and to bars
  • Paying utility bills or rent
  • Filling up your car with gas
  • Heading to the movies
  • Going on vacations

Luckily, there is hope. In fact, building wealth can be easy, and dare I say it, fun, with just a few systems.

However, all those systems won’t matter if you don’t change your mindset.

The power of mindset

If you’re broke, I have news for you: It’s okay. I’m not going to sit here and pontificate about how you should have “bought fewer lattes” and opened “more savings accounts.”

You know why? Because that’s not going to do anything, since it’s nothing you haven’t heard a million times before.

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