Four Unconventional Ways to Build Your Network

We’ve talked about the best professional organizations to join, as well as other ways to make new friends and build a book of business — but today, let’s talk about unconventional ways to build your network. Do you have sports, hobbies, volunteering, and clubs that you’ve found to be great sources of networking? Today, Rebecca Berfanger is sharing some ideas of her own, but we’d love to hear from you — what are the unconventional ways to build your network that really work? Can something as unrelated to professional life — like, say, roller derby or CrossFit — ever be a great way to make new friends, meet clients, and hear about job prospects?

As a reporter, especially for legal publications, I felt like I was always networking — looking for the next story idea, talking to potential sources on the types of articles I often covered, often attending bar association events as a non-lawyer guest before I went to law school.

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