How much to tip for 17 situations (according to IWT readers)

Every article on tipping always follows the same formula.

  • Step 1: Someone writes about tipping.
  • Step 2: A commenter says, “Omg, that’s so ridiculous! We shouldn’t have to tip. WE should pay them a livable wage!!11!”
  • Step 3: Another commenter replies, saying, “If you can’t afford to tip, you shouldn’t be eating out!”
  • Step 4: Comment section dissolves into a socioeconomic pseudo-intellectual argument on the politics of tipping.
  • Step 5: My eyes roll so far into my head I go temporarily blind.

That’s because the subject of “how much to tip” is loaded with strong opinions, cultural values, and passionate debate.

Controversy ✔️Heated debates ✔️ Personal finance ✔️

It’s the perfect IWT topic!

That’s why we decided to poll our readers on the subject of tipping.

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