How to Be Prudent and Productive

In uncertain times when chaos appears to be the only thing in sight, do your best not to panic.

Instead, be prudent.

Saint Thomas Aquinas said this:

“Prudence is right reason in action.”

That’s why being productive with prudence in mind is something you want to practice as often as possible.

Panicked productivity leads to a drop in quality. When you’re doing for the sake of doing rather than doing the right things it does little to ease overwhelm.

Prudent productivity may move slower, but it’s more deliberate. You’re going to do more of the right things at the right time. You’ll make fewer mistakes. You’ll feel like you have more control.

Here are three ways you can start practicing more prudent productivity practices:

1. Use forward-thinking

In uncertain times you need to have as many certainties at top of mind.

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