How to Cope with an Emotional Hangover, Lingering Stress, or Residual Anxiety

Readers have had some interesting threads lately on not being able to destress and trying to deal with an anxiety hangover — so let’s talk about this. (Upon some research, it looks like the phrase we’re searching for is “how to cope with an emotional hangover.”) The idea here is that you’ve had a period of high stress, high anxiety, high emotion, but it’s passed now… and you’re still feeling spent and uneasy. So what is the best way to cope with an emotional hangover and find your equilibrium again?

We’ve had readers complaining because they’re out of the high-stress phase of their jobs and they still can’t sleep, can’t destress, and are otherwise still feeling the after effects of their high intensity period. US News calls this the “let-down effect,” when you get sick or rundown after the stress or anxiety has passed.

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