How to Cut The Cable Cord

I’ve never had a cable subscription. Once I left my parents house, I jumped straight into streaming.

You could call me a hipster streamer, doing it long before cutting the cable cord was cool. Cutting cable isn’t a fad anymore, it’s turned into a tsunami that’s changing the entire entertainment industry.

If you’re considering making the jump, I’ll walk you through the entire process.

Not only will you save a bunch of money, you get complete control and access to better TV.

What’s the Meaning of Cutting the Cord?

When people refer to “cutting the cord,” they’re referring to ditching cable television subscriptions in favor of internet-based streaming services.

As a result of cord-cutting, a secondary group, cord-nevers, has emerged. It consists of viewers who have grown up watching programming on streaming services and are less likely to ever subscribe to cable television.

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