How to Unlock Habit-Building Success and Achieve Your Goals

This is a guest post from Michael Schechter, my good friend and former co-host of my former podcast, Mikes on Mics. When I reached out to him to join me on a special episode of The Productivityist Podcast to celebrate International Podcast Day, he not only accepted the invite but shared with me this piece on how he’s trying something new to help him with his goals. I asked him if I could publish it on the blog. He was cool with that idea, so I present it to you along with the bonus podcast episode in question. Enjoy! – Mike

As someone with a decent amount of responsibility and a low level of impulse control, I struggle to build and maintain good habits.

One of my biggest struggles is watching what I eat (and not eating absolutely everything I watch). At the moment, I’m doing The Whole30 Program with my wife. It’s going about as good as I had expected.

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