How to Write a Resignation Letter

How do you write a resignation letter? We haven’t done a reader question in a long while, but this one was too good to pass up — reader C is wondering if she should list everything wrong with her job in her resignation letter and go out in a blaze of glory… 

Reader C asks:

I am in public sector job that I absolutely loved for the past 9 years, awesome boss, lots of autonomy, very productive, high employee morale. With upper management changes in the past 12 months it has become the complete opposite — bogged down/unproductive, extremely micromanaged, low morale, and not a place conducive to my professional or mental well-being. My question is about my resignation letter — how do I tactfully resign while pointing out the reasons why? Or do I?

Thank you for reading, C! My hot take here is that I don’t think you should say any of that stuff.

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