I redesigned my site. Hooray!

You know how Marie Kondo tells you to go through your closet and throw out all your clothes because you want to start a new part of life? I did that with my website. If you’re the impetuous type, you throw out your clothes and buy new ones later. I did that, too.

After twenty years of blogging and redesign, after redesign, after redesign, my site is like sedimentary rock. You can see the remnants of features long gone. And when the developers are digging around, invariably they pull out one little pebble and all sorts of crap starts falling.

I told the developers they would break the site if they weren’t careful. The told me they have redesigned sites much bigger than mine.

So the developers broke my site. And then the design team that works with the developers “for optimal integration” priced a redesign of my site at $40,000. The account manager explained nuances of the totally unnecessary “proprietary redesign system.

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