It’s time for Seder, which is Zeder, in our modern-day-plague ravaged Passover

Last week I received a very long email with instructions for Zeder. This year millions of Jews around the world will log into Zoom, and try to continue a 2000-year tradition of not changing the tradition. We will recall plagues of past like infestation of locusts and raining frogs and we’ll silently scoff that Egypt didn’t even have to shut down the schools. Also, I expect that like teachers who can’t believe how quickly a full day of lesson plans zip by on Zoom, we will be shocked that a dinner that usually lasts 4 hours and 7 glasses of wine will be over in less than half that time on video.

Preparing for the Seder is a task that favors the sheepherder. For example, you need a lamb’s bone and raw horseradish. I waited thirty minutes to get into Whole Foods to find I was too late to beat the lamb-bone rush, but I got a bone-in brisket that will produce a lambish looking bone – it’s hard to tell the difference on video.

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