Money Dials: Why you spend the way you do

Do you ever wonder why people spend their money the way they do?

Why take an expensive Uber when you can walk 20 minutes to get to the same place?

Why pay for first-class tickets when we’re all going to the same place anyway?

Growing up in Sacramento, I used to see guys who loved buying old cars and repairing them. I didn’t get it. Why spend money to create more work for yourself?

Later I realized I was looking at it all wrong. In fact, now I completely understand why people would pay money to do any of these things.

It’s all about Money Dials.

What are Money Dials?

Every one of us has an area that we naturally love to spend money on. I call these areas Money Dials, and I’ve identified 10 Money Dials that we LOVE to pour our money in.

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