New York Times Book Review

Well, The New York Times just reviewed my book.

10 years ago, when my first edition was coming out, I asked my friend at the Times how to get my book reviewed. He came back and said,

“It’s not gonna happen.”

I laughed. The unspoken message was clear:

“You’re not important enough.”

Truthfully, they were right. I was a nobody. Even though I had an audience and some media hits, for the personal finance media-industrial complex, I was a newbie. A rookie. Not battle-tested against the many self-development “gurus” who come and go every other year.

10 years later, it’s hard to deny that the impact that the I Will Teach You To Be Rich philosophy has had.

Millions of people have now read about spending extravagantly on the things you love. You routinely hear people talking about Big Wins, Conscious Spending, and Invisible Scripts.

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