Read this if you think you don’t have Aspergers

Recently I wrote about how most women over 40 working full-time in an office have Aspergers. One of the comments on that post was from Marcy. She wrote:

You left out one or two categories of women still working: those who have ADHD/are easily bored (me), and those who have much older spouses on Medicare so must work for benefits for herself and the kiddos (also me). I stayed home for a year but was bored silly so went back to work but have changed jobs, on average, every 2.25 years…also because boredom. And my husband is 18 years older and can no longer offer us medical benefits. Oh and I’m INFJ.

Here is my reply to Marcy, which I think will actually help a lot of people.

Marcy, you have Aspergers. Here’s why:

Women with ADHD probably all have Aspergers. ADHD is on the Autism Spectrum.

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