The best car insurance companies of 2019

Car insurance really comes down to one thing.

Getting the best quote from a good company.

I’m going to show you the same process that saved me $2,088 per year with only a few hours worth of work.

Before we jump into the process and exact scripts that I used, I’m going to break down the best car insurance companies out there.

By the end of this article:

  • You’ll know which companies to trust and which to avoid.
  • You’ll know which kind of car insurance we skip to lower our bills. And the kind that we max out on.
  • You’ll know the script to negotiate with any car insurance company to get them to lower their quote.

The best auto insurance providers

There’s an awful lot of car insurance companies out there. We’ve gone through over 50 and narrowed them down to our top 16 companies:

How did we pick these 16 companies? We looked at several factors.

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