The inexact science of how Top Performers make everything look easy

There’s an Italian concept called “sprezzatura,” which means “a certain nonchalance, so as to … make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort.”

It’s basically making everything look effortless.

Think about the people in college who would walk into an exam saying, “Ugh! I barely studied for this!” then get a 94%. That’s the idea.

For example:

  • Super fit person: “Oh, I just try to watch what I eat and take a walk every day”
  • Person with amazing skin: “I just drink lots of water!”
  • Person with well-behaved kids: “I just try to spend time with them”

Growing up, I would see these successful people and wonder how they did it. But if you asked them, they would give you these frustratingly vague responses. It seemed like they were just naturally lucky.

In reality, I learned that’s not true.

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