The Sound of Sixty Seconds

During the workshops and talks I deliver I’ll often ask the attendees (or audience) to do absolutely nothing for an entire minute.

I time that minute and to this day I still get fidgety at around the forty second mark.

Sixty seconds is both a short and long time. Many moments can happen during that minute. One way to identify them is to take note of every sound you hear over the sixty seconds.

I’ll demonstrate here by sharing what I hear in that time period in bullet points below:

  • Running water in the bathroom
  • Voices coming from the tv on the living room
  • The barely audible tapping of my thumbs on my iPhone keyboard
  • The tiny crackling sounds of bones on my neck
  • My breathing
  • Music from the television

That’s quite a bit of noise in sixty seconds. (And I didn’t even count the sound of the thoughts rolling around in my head.

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