We’re donating $25,000 to help people during coronavirus

Short post today to let everyone know I Will Teach You To Be Rich is matching donations to help people in need — up to $25,000.

Donate to make sure people have enough food to eat during coronavirus.

A few weeks ago, I told you that in times like this, we have to acknowledge reality, make a plan, and move.

Here’s my plan.

Step 1 was taking care of my family.

Step 2 was taking care of our employees by announcing a $1,000 coronavirus stipend.

Step 3 was taking care of our customers by announcing a 2-month grace period on payments if they needed help.

Step 4 was taking care of our subscribers by launching a nightly Fireside Chat series, completely free.

Step 5 is what I’m announcing today: A $25,000 match to help people in need during coronavirus. Hell, we’ll donate $25,000 regardless — but I want to tap into the IWT community to maximize our donations to help.

I announced this donation to the IWT team yesterday.

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