What Are You Old-Fashioned About (Career-Wise, At Least)?

Here’s an odd question today: do you think there is such a thing as old-fashioned career etiquette — things that seem overly formal or even stilted in today’s world? 

Let me back up — I was preparing to introduce some friends/business acquaintances by email recently, and wondered if I was being overly formal. See, to me, the way you make an introduction is to 1) first ask both parties privately if they’re open to it, 2) then do a joint email “introducing” each to the other with a few short sentences that summarize how I know them, why THEY want to know them (accomplishments, skills, connections) and why I think they should know EACH OTHER. Whoever has the most power in the dynamic is introduced last (so, Dear Queen, please meet Meghan! Meghan is an old pal from college.

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