What it’s like to be a single parent who has coronavirus.

I knew something was wrong the day my son lay in bed in an emergency room waiting for his MRI to come back. A nurse entered his room and said, “Has your son been outside the country recently?”

I did a double-take. “It’s pretty late to be asking that, isn’t it?”

“Ma’am, yes or no?”


The next week I was coughing so hard I was lightheaded. When the pressure on my chest made breathing difficult, I went to the ER. They tested for everything except coronavirus. That’s how you know you have it in a world with no tests, I guess.

That was in February, which is, like, forever ago in pandemic time. During the rest of February, I coughed and wheezed. The effort it took to look healthy for a webinar made me so tired I’d sleep the rest of the day.

I worried about my teenage sons.

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