What to Say in a Goodbye Email

What should you say in a goodbye email? We’ve talked before about what to do with your work email after you quit, as well as how to resign gracefully and have a great exit interview, but not necessarily about what to say in a goodbye email, so today we’re welcoming guest poster Amy M. Gardner to share some thoughts on what to say — and what NOT to say — in your goodbye email at work. Amy is a former law firm partner and law school dean of students, now a certified professional coach working with attorneys at Apochromatik — welcome, Amy!

What to Say In A Goodbye Email

1. Include where you’re off to next and your contact information. Some people don’t want to share where they’re going or can’t for a set amount of time because of a non-compete. In that case, send connection requests to people via LinkedIn and include only your personal contact information.

2. Express gratitude.

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