What zoomers think about 9/11

Have you heard the term zoomers? It’s what Generation Z calls themselves. I remember resisting using the term millennial because I thought it was absurdly self-aggrandizing. But now I see that the moniker is perfectly aligned to Millennial thinking.

The first time I heard my son refer to himself as a zoomer I said, “What? Zoomer? What’s that?”

“Boomer. Get it?”

“But you hate boomers. You want to disenfranchise them.”

Note: that is not an exaggeration. There are conversations all over the Internet about how if you are going to die soon then you are not voting to protect the future so you shouldn’t get to vote. Lots of young people think late-in-life voting is a big cause of the US ignoring climate for so long. I am not linking here. I am the link. Our dinner table conversation every night is the link.

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