Why the final blow to feminism will be autism

Feminism celebrates women who choose paths typical to men over women who choose paths typical to women.  The problem with this approach is that in the last ten years researchers have found that women who think like men are not neurotypical women; these women have Aspergers. 

Normal girls are not great at math. We have known since the 1980s that boys who have very strong math skills usually have Aspergers. Today we know that very strong math skills are also a predictor of Aspergers in girls.

People are scared to say to girls, You’re good at math, come get tested for Aspergers. We know girls with Aspergers are good at activities boys prefer. So all girls who are good at boy activities should be tested.  A huge percentage of those girls will have Aspergers.

Gender dysphoria in girls is related to Aspergers.

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