6 Essential Mindsets For Continuous Career Growth

I was a teacher, coach, and education administrator for 44 years – 10 years at the high school level and 34 at the collegiate level. I also organized and directed basketball camps and clinics throughout America and in four European countries.

I was privileged to work with a good number of people who excelled at work, which led them to successful careers.

Through the years, I observed 6 characteristics that I thought led all the successful people I encountered to excel in their work. Here are six mindsets to adopt to excel in work and your career.

Excel in Work and Life With These Mindset Traits

1. Humility

The most successful people I worked with were humble from their first through their last day at work. I found that people who made it to the very top of their professions in business, education, law, or medicine were humble people. The willingness to admit that there is more to learn is the mark of an excellent leader.

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