7 Reasons Why Team Management Is Important

When we lived as hunter-gatherers, we always sought two basic social needs. The first is belonging, which led us to the group and, eventually, to live in cities and countries. The second is management. Communities were dependent on the leader (or leaders) to steer them and create a system that helps the community flourish. Today, we still seek those needs in our communities and our teams. So, why is team management critical?

Team Management Then And Now

Back in the day, that was easy. Having a good manager (chief, for example) meant that you would feed your family and keep them safe. But these days, when Alexa takes care of our food and we are relatively safe, good management is measured differently.

In our workplaces, team management can determine whether a team or company will reach its goals and KPIs, how processes and culture are forged, how employees are treated and retained, and more.

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