7 Task Batching Techniques to Boost Your Productivity

Many people are obsessed with multitasking. It’s not uncommon to see people bounce around from their smartphone to their laptop to their iPad and back to their smartphone believing they are getting more done in less time. But multitasking is a myth. Instead of multitasking, what people are doing is simply jumping between tasks and in doing so killing their productivity.

To stop multitasking and start getting things done, you need to learn the task batching techniques.

What Is Batching?

Batching is a term used for computers. Early computers were capable of only running one task at a time. Advances in technology meant computers could run multiple jobs scheduled at times that made the most sense.

Batching is a very realistic approach to boosting productivity. It maximizes concentration and reduces distractions by grouping similar tasks that require similar resources.

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