Are you at risk of being a Boomer? Four things you need to know.

Generation Z has identified the people obstructing their way, and Gen Z calls that group Boomers. Regardless of age. A Boomer is anyone not taking action to support Gen Z’s agenda. I love that.

I said to my older son, “I’m so proud to be part of Gen X.”

He said, “You shouldn’t be. Your generation did nothing to stop a global disaster.”

Rule 1: Dump self-actualization in favor of selflessness.

I don’t tell him we grew up listening to Give a hoot, don’t pollute. I don’t tell him we took car trips with no seatbelts and rolled down the window to throw out the trash. Instead, I tell him Gen X will be remembered for parenting the generation that saved the planet. “Gen X are the most caring devoted parents in history. We had all the opportunities the baby boomers had, and instead of indulging in those opportunities, we took care of kids.

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