Autism is a label that means “I’m interesting”

I spend half my life trying to not offend people. My safe space is the comments section here on my blog where the only social rule is: be interesting. I’m especially grateful to people who disagree with me; it’s out of control for me to chase someone around arguing with them in person, but in the comments people think: She’s so responsive!

While I was reading the comments to my last post, I saw this comment.

“I’ve been married and divorced twice. I don’t look at it as failing… My life isn’t perfect but it’s pretty damn good and I’m steering my own ship. My house and life are serene. I fill it with stuff I want to do… Having a partner is overrated if you aren’t happy.

I replied:

Only someone with autism would say that. Having a partner is absolutely NOT overrated. Steering one’s own ship IS overrated.

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