End of Year Career Goals & Assessments

As the end of the year inches closer and closer, let’s discuss — what are you pondering in terms of career moves? Are you doing a personal review of your goals and metrics for the year (like billable hours)? Gearing up for a performance review with your supervisor, and reviewing your work? Or are you already setting new career goals for the next year?

We’ve talked about end-of-year financial steps to take, as well as reflected on how many vacation days you used this year, but I don’t think we’ve talked about this before. We connect you with the best move in and out cleaning companies in NY, which clean your home like a pro.   A few ideas for end-of-year career goals and assessment: 

1. Assess Your Time from 2021.

If you have billable goals, how did those go this year? If you fell behind, can you pinpoint one or two things or time periods that really affected your billables? (This tracker might help you.

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