Entitled Bystanders: To What Extent to People Around You Feel Entitled to Your Time, Energy, and More?

There was a great WTF thread on Twitter recently about how a 64-year-old actor posted an all-caps rant on Facebook, angry that his “preferred” waitress at the local diner had STOPPED wearing false eyelashes and he wasn’t going to stand for that. Dlisted summarized the whole story, and it’s a doozy — but it got me thinking about a subject we haven’t talked about in a long while: when other people feel entitled to your time, or energy, or even a standard of beauty (SMILE, HONEY!) that has absolutely no basis in actual obligations for your job or more.

In the past, we’ve talked about the professional implications of a naturally frowny face (the title inspired by a hilarious SNL skit with Kristin Wiig) and what to do when your boss tells you to smile (other than dropkicking him).

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