How Important is Work-From-Home Flexibility To You, Going Forward?

Let’s have an open thread today, readers — how important is work-from-home flexibility to you, going forward? I know I’ve seen a lot of readers commenting on both sides of this issue — that WFH is NOT for them, while others don’t miss their commute and time in-office. It sounds like some companies are going to offer work-from-home flexibility as a regular perk, while other companies can’t wait to get back to the office.

So let’s discuss: how important is work-from-home flexibility to you going forward? If you’re looking for a new job, is the flexibility to work from home sometimes a must-have for you? Do you like some balance between remote work and being required to be in the office sometimes? For those of you who think a mix of the two is best, do you prefer if the majority of your colleagues are back in the office on the same days (i.e.

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