How to Be a Good Remote Worker

How can you be a good remote worker? With holiday travel coming up (where you may end up working remotely), and New Year reflections coming up (“going remote” might be one of your goals for 2019), I thought we’d discuss. Some notes from previous reader discussions on how to be a good remote worker:

  • Explain your strategies for success. Particularly if you’re making a formal proposal to do remote work, you may need to answer two big questions up front for your boss: “What’s in it for me?” and “How will I know you’re still doing good work?” Answers here might relate to your own situation (for example, if you were going to quit otherwise), a vastly reduced commute (giving you more time to devote to clients!), closer proximity to clients, or more availability for trips to visit clients in other cities. As for the “good work” — you might offer a weekly status report emailed every week, tracking your own metrics, or more.

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