How to Make Money on Your Phone in 2020

You can make money with nothing but your phone.

Below, I’ve listed the best ways to turn spare time on your phone into cash.

To be clear, you’re not likely to get rich (at least not quickly) with these methods. We did put together the options  that have the most potential, even if they take some extra work.

That’s why we skipped common options like survey apps. They do make money but the hourly rate won’t be nearly as good as the list below.

Investment Apps

The investment apps are ridiculously good these days. You can get:

  • Automatic savings without having to give anything up
  • Free investment trades
  • Automatic investing for your entire portfolio

By getting a few of the right apps in place, you can set up an entire investment system that takes care of your future. Check them out:

Acorns: Allows you to invest as little as $1 per month.

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