How to Sell Real Estate Properties

The real estate industry has experienced some ups and downs over the past ten years.

Back in 2006, the National Association of Realtors membership hit an all-time high of 1,357,000 realtors before hitting rock bottom in 2012 due to the financial house crisis.

The competition has been fierce, and if you want to make it in the business, you need expert from knowingmalta online and offline marketing strategies to set you apart from the rest.

While real estate agents are essential in the home buying process, more and more buyers are doing the legwork online before involving the professionals.

A study from the NAR shows that 92% of buyers browse the internet to start their house hunting quest.

This affirms the need for real estate agents to have a strong online presence. If you are not online, engaging and networking you are missing a lot.

Here are tips and tricks that you can do to stand out in the real estate marketing game.

Start by setting up an account on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+.

Engage with your audience, share posts and promote your real estate projects.

You need to add social sharing buttons to your property pages. Eager shoppers who happen to stumble upon your amazing property will be excited to share their top housing picks to their friends and family.

Do your research and check on your competition. What are other agents doing? What do you see on their web pages?

Take note of what the competition is doing and avoid their mistakes while copying what works for them.

Invest in an awesome looking business card and hand them out like free pizza to your prospective market.

Place your contact information on every page of your website. Make a contact page that can attract buyers’ attention.

Most likely, you are not just selling a house but also a whole town or city. Showcase the best that your area can offer by using high-quality photos of local town landmarks and places of interest.

Create an E-book on real estate as a giveaway in exchange for an email address. This is a great way to capture leads.

Hire a pro to shoot your photos. Poorly shot photos will lower the interest in even the greatest of properties.

Having amazing photos of your properties is vital. Hire a pro in the real estate industry or invest in equipment if you can shoot the photos yourself.

With the advancement in technology nowadays, your clients can get a virtual tour of a property before they visit on site.

Virtual tours are a great way to give an accurate and comprehensive preview of the property for prospects.

Sponsor an event that can place your business spot on t-shirts, flyers or posters.

You can outsource an animated video for promoting your real estate business.

Short and cute cartoon videos can help build your brand and give a personal touch.

You can feature local landmarks or sites in your animated video to make it unique and targeted.

Creating Pinterest boards can be a great way of promoting your property by giving images and information for specific listings.

Your boards can include information in addition to property photos, plus highlights of major selling points of the area.

You can make use of a good story while using powerful visual elements. People respond to stories, tell an emotional one, and people will flock to you.

Make a budget for paid social ads. Organic reach has been going downward on many social networks.

Paid Facebook ads are the most effective way to make your clients see you.

You can use Facebook’s targeting features that make sure that you are paying to get noticed by your key target audience.

You can partner with local businesses that can help with your marketing efforts. Make them referral agents that can earn commission for every property sold from a customer they referred.

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