How To Use Project Milestones To Stay On Track With Goals

Before we get to the heart of using project milestones for our goals, we first need to look at what a goal is. A goal’s purpose is to take something you are not satisfied with and create actionable steps to achieve your desired result.

Common goals include achieving a weight gain or loss, making financial purchases, or finishing a personal endeavor like running a marathon.

Therefore, choosing project milestones is key to reaching your desired goal. This helps you stay on track and keep you focused when achieving that goal may seem impossible.

Goals and Project Milestones

A goal’s purpose is to change something permanently, for the better.

If you set a goal to save $10,000 over the next twelve months, the purpose is to change from being a spender into a saver.

You may say that a goal to complete a full-course marathon (26.2 miles) would be complete once you finish the marathon.

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