Migraine Headaches: 8 Pressure Points For Migraine Relief

When a migraine headache hits, it can rapidly become debilitating. It’s as if the world stops and all we can think about ending the pain as soon as possible. Our ‘quick fix’ culture tells us there’s no better option than popping a pill for fast, effective relief from migraines (or minor headaches, for that matter). This simply is not the case. In fact, there are drug-free alternatives, including acupuncture and pressure points for migraines that are proven to work better than medications.

Migraine headaches have many different causes. These include everything from environmental factors – like air quality, climate, and food sensitivities – to lifestyle aspects like nutritional deficiencies, stress, and physical inactivity. Hormone fluctuations are another known contributing factor for migraines, especially in women.

This goes way deeper than the dull throbbing of a headache.

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