Networking For Introverts: 9 Tips On How To Meet New People

Networking for introverts may feel scary or intimidating. Introverts typically enjoy time being alone or with only one or two people rather than spending time with a large crowd. Meanwhile, networking usually involves a lot of interacting with a lot of different people.

But upon learning the effective methods to approach the process, you’ll realize that network is something you can get comfortable with and even excel at. It is a process that can be both authentic and impactful for your career growth even as an introvert.

9 Networking Tips for Introverts

Here are nine tips on how to meet new people and grow your network, even as an introvert.

1. Get Comfortable With the Idea: Goals and Purpose of Networking

First and foremost, remember that networking is simply a process whereby you can build relationships with and learn from professionals in your target roles and industries.

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