Office Moms in 2021

We haven’t talked about how to avoid becoming an office mom in years, and The New York Times just had an interesting article on just that topic, so I thought we’d discuss.

Some core questions to consider as we begin:

  • Have you ever been “voluntold” by your boss (asked to volunteer in a way you couldn’t really say no to) to do work outside the strict scope of your job, such as planning a party or lunch outing? Do you consider it work that was promotable or otherwise helped your status in the company or firm?
  • If you wanted to increase your visibility, or likelihood of a promotion, what kind of extra work would you volunteer for?
  • If you think your office culture is heavily dependent on things like parties, lunches, birthday celebrations, “bonding,” or “mentoring” opportunities, what is your firm or company doing to distribute that work in an equitable manner (e.g.

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