Online business from hell: child trafficking in video games.

Artist: Li Songsong

This is how trafficking happens online. Often the system is so efficient that it never has to change to in-person.

Trigger warning.

There’s a team of adults waiting for the time a kid uses video games as a salve for emotional neglect. Neglect isn’t always intentional. It’s not always systematic. And parents cannot be available every second of every day. That’s why the team of adults is all of that: intentional, systematic and always available.

Person number one: Great at playing a certain video game. Looks for a kid who is playing a multi-player game alone, too much, at odd hours, with a low rank. Asks the kid to play and helps the kid win a lot. Talks over chat just like billions of other people but focuses to learn the kid’s schedule, likes and dislikes. Becomes a friend.

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