The 9/11 post where we reunite

I was at the World Trade Center when it fell. Each year I write a post on 9/11. Here is the archive. Here is my post for today:

When Nino came back to live with us he came back in stages. We had been spending a few weekends together for a long time, but we hadn’t lived together in twelve years.

At dinnertime, we talk about when CD-ROMs were invented and there was no content to put on them. The kids ask us to tell the how-we-met story again.

Nino and I met in 1992. Which means we have known each other for almost 30 years. After we found each other, we found the Internet, and there was nothing on it. Literally. We won awards. Not for being great, but for being first.

“We met in LA as part of a group of people trying to figure out what nonlinear media would look like.”

Younger son: “What’s nonlinear media?”

“The Internet.

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