The Best Bags for Law School Students

Readers who’ve been to law school recently: what kind of bag did you carry? Did you change from 1L to 3L year? What do you think are the best bags for law school? We asked Nicole, our law school / new lawyer correspondent… – Kat

Like everything in law, the type of bags students use in law school “depends.” In this case, what students use depends on the location of the school and the average age of the students. The younger the median age of the students, the more likely they will carry backpacks. In major cities, students are also more likely to carry messenger bags or purses than more typical “undergrad” type backpacks.  

By googling “X law school class profile,” you can usually get an idea of the median age of the most recent law school class and how many students are going straight from undergrad to law school.

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