The College Board is a case study in corporate racism

Every day, one million families watch every move on the College Board website because it controls so much of the college application process. Today it looked like the site was hacked.

There is bold, white copy centered on a black background that is unreadable in a way I haven’t seen since the early Internet. Looking more closely I saw it’s a letter “from the Black employees at College Board.” The College Board has 353 employees. Seven employees signed the letter.

What?? This is an organization that administers 7 million exams a year with the express purpose of making college admissions more fair. And they have seven Black employees. I am appalled. But I also realize this letter is a lesson on how to recognize some of the most unrecognizable racism at work.

Workplace racism is often covert
Here’s the opening of the letter:
We are the Black employees of the College Board.

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