The history of Tango: How to reclaim a story for yourself

I call Melissa to tell her my newest discovery. I gear up to lecture her about Tango and the Jews. “Do you know about them?” I ask. “I won’t be fun if you already know.”

She says, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

It starts with the Spanish Inquisition. The Jews were traipsing around Europe looking for people who won’t kill them. In Germany there were organizations that shipped Jews to help build Argentina. The Jews were skilled in reading Torah, but this was not a skill in high demand. However there were very few women in Argentina, so the Jews were able to fill one important vocation of a burgeoning nation: prostitution.


“I’m getting there. Are you bored? Don’t get bored. Please. I’m so excited. I stopped planting bulbs for three days to obsessively read about this. Pay attention.”

Melissa says she has something to tell me.

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