The One Meeting I Make Time for No Matter What

My wife and I have a lot going on. We work together on this business of mine, and Anne has her own business dealings as well. We also have two kids, so we have other people in our household that require our time, attention, and focus. As our kids have gotten older, their needs have changed, so nothing at home really stays the same.

In fact, nothing about our lives ever really stays the same. In the past, whenever my wife and I had time together, we would use those fleeting moments to talk about what each of us had going on that the other needed to know about. Things like who was going to cook dinner over the next few days, what elements of this business needed discussion, and how we were going to attend our daughter’s school concert while still keeping our son entertained.

By the time we would discuss these different areas of our lives, our brief moments together were spent.

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