The REAL numbers behind Selena Soo’s Rich Life

Tell me how this sounds: 

  • Living in sunny Puerto Rico, swimming in the ocean in the afternoons
  • Running your own business that emphasizes your strengths and gives you the freedom to work how you want 
  • Not having to do the dishes
  • Having a boutique closet
  • Keeping your life simple with few personal obligations and responsibilities

… and having enough financial security to make it happen.

I’m so excited for this post. Why? Because we’re going to take a deep look at my friend Selena Soo’s Rich Life. Selena is a publicity and marketing strategist running a 7-figure business from Puerto Rico, and she shared REAL numbers with us and tells stories about what living a Rich Life means for her.

First, let’s look at one of Selena’s two primary Money Dials: convenience. 

I love spending my money on convenience.

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