Time vs. Money: How to Find Jobs with Low Hours and High Pay

Readers just had a fabulous threadjack with lots of thoughts on money and time — specifically, comparing everyone’s jobs in terms of hours and pay. It was a really rich discussion — and it’s a great topic: What are the best tips for how to find jobs with low hours and high pay? These are definitely the unicorn jobs that have you laughing all the way to the bank, but if you’ve worked very long hours, a tradeoff may sound perfect.

We’ve talked about salary vs. title (which is more important), as well as how to negotiate salary, but we haven’t really talked about this tradeoff between time and money since our last discussion of when a lower salary was worth it.

As the original poster noted, 

I make $175k salary, ~$30k bonus and work ~70-75 hours a week in a consulting role.

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